All roads lead to home

£60 50x70cm

A unique print showing all the roads in Great Britain that lead to your address.

To create this artwork, we choose over 11,000 starting points around the country, one every couple of miles, and calculate the optimum route to travel back to your home.

We use our custom algorithm to analyse all these routes and draw them on a map so that the more often a road is used, the stronger it is drawn.

The result is a striking visualisation showing a tree of roads fanning out from your home to cover the whole country.

This is a unique and personalised print that resides at the intersection between art and utility.

Whilst stunning to look at, it's also interesting to be able to examine the detailed network and easily see the best routes to travel to anywhere in the country from your home.

There is space at the bottom of the print for up to two lines of text where you can further personalise your print with your address or a special message.

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