London special edition

£60 50x70cm

This special edition London print resides at the intersection of art and utility.

Viewed at distance the isolated shape of the city takes on an abstract feel, whilst close inspection of the intricate artwork allows even the smallest pathways to be identified and locations pinpointed.

We produced this unique visualisation of London using data from the OpenStreetMap project and rendering all of the railways, roads and paths that make up the city.

To ensure the highest quality for this special edition set of lithographic prints we partnered with a specialist print house with expertise in high end artwork.

After countless tests of paper, inks, colours and coatings we have sweated the details and selected the highest quality materials to give these maps the specific look we wanted.

The maps are printed on FSC certified, 300gsm high quality matte coated paper. We chose this Novatech paper for it's excellent whiteness and outstanding colour fidelity.

The print is available in custom black and 2 Pantone colours. The black was mixed specifically for this print run and contains a mix of black and silver to soften the tone.

After printing, a special smooth matte coating was applied to give the maps their luxurious finish.

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